Amazingly Beautiful Hardwood Floorings in the Bay Area

Whether you are building a new home or want to refresh the look of your existing home, new hardwood floorings can truly transform the look and feel of the space that you live in. This strong, durable material provides not only protection in your home but a sense of elegance that cannot be matched. Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc. is your friendly, local hardwood flooring expert. Let our professional team create a masterpiece that you will love forever.

A Spectacular Range of Colors and Styles to Choose From

Whatever the style of your home, we have a wood flooring option that will suit your vision. Our extensive range of wood is of the highest quality and features beautiful grains and finishes that accentuate any décor. Choose from oak options that are easy to stain to your desired color, or choose walnut for a deeper, warmer look. We also feature cherry, maple, hickory and ash for a range that cannot be beaten.


Choose from Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is extremely durable, but can be expensive to install. Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc. offers the option of engineered hardwood flooring that allows you to enjoy the hardwood look at a more affordable price. This type of flooring is ideal for homes with floors that are in good shape, and confer added protection against moisture making it suitable for more areas of the home.

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