About Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc.

Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc. is the leading name in hardwood floors in the Bay Area. We offer the elegant look of wood flooring at value that cannot be beaten. Enjoy the highest level of workmanship delivered with our commitment to using the most environmentally friendly products. Our friendly and professional approach to flooring allows you to experience the most affordable, efficient process possible.

The Number One Wood Flooring Experts in the Bay Area

With almost twenty years of experience in the industry, Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc. is the leader when it comes to providing quality. With each project, we transform our clients’ homes to create a beautiful, elegant finish every time. Our exceptional services are delivered with the expertise that we have developed throughout our history, and our strong tradition of combining classic beauty with the leading innovation is something that we are excited to share with you.


We Are Committed to Preserving the Environment

Not only are we focused on creating and installing beautiful hardwood floors, but our company is committed to using the most environmentally sound products during the process. We are passionate about making a difference in our community and providing a high standard of care about our environmental footprint. When you choose Nviro Hardwood Floors, Inc., you are choosing a company that prioritizes the world around us.

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